Shared Mobility Solution

We provide software, vehicle and IoT solutions to cities and mobility operators. With the extensive experience accumulated over the years from running operations and working with governments, we are confident to assist our clients with a full range of services. We believe that shared, intelligent mobility will transform our urban life to be greener and healthier.

Software & IoT
User App

Reserve and Unlock with a simple scan, off you go.
Completely customizable with your own brand.
Multiple operation modes, park with a photo or without, with gps or beacons, your choice.
Multiple payment methods supported, including NFC payments.

Software Operations Management

Payments, users, pricing, promotion, notifications, all at your finger-tips.
Manage your city operations the way you like.

Operations APP

Whatever you can do on the web, you can do remotely via this APP.
Get reminders on overdue tasks.
Task your staff with missions and measure their performance.

Vehicle Integration

Our IoT is deeply integrated with our vehicles. Configure, manage and track your vehicles all in one place.
Check battery levels, view live locations.
What's better than one point of contact that can resolve all your tech problems.

Extra Durable Vehicles

Designed for durability; operate under extreme weather.

Easy to repair, refurbish and recycle.


Pick-up maintenance within 24 hours that it is reported.

Relocation every 24 hours with AI suggested placements to maximize revenue.