Puncture protected tires, durable aluminum frame, and USB charging. Designed with delivery in mind.

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Gen 3

Integrated Lock

The practical frame lock is light and quick to use to protect your bike against unauthorized use.

Fully Integrated Battery

Battery is fully integrated into the frame providing maximum power without disruption.

With a range of at least 60KM, there is no need to stop to charge. Swap a battery or charge it on the Ebike, your call.

USB Power

Charge your phone while you ride, it’s all integrated in the frame.

Belt Drive

Ride quietly and smoothly. Lower maintenance and less mess with twice the lifespan of a chain-driven systems.


Front and rear hydraulic disc brakes allow you to stop more quickly, accurately, with control and at the speed you want in a variety of conditions.


The greater speed and instant response of the throttle system make it the best choice for faster riding and hill climbing.

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